Nate Robinson opens up about therapy, his comeback attempt, being dubbed ‘the little s***’

Nate Robinson was generously listed at 5ft9, but his limited height did not stop him from winning three dunk contests. In fact, the Seattle native was so athletic coming out of high school, he actually attended the University of Washington on a football scholarship


Former New York Knicks and Chicago Bulls guard Nate Robinson is on the comeback trail and hoping to return to the NBA – a league he now claims drove him to therapy.

‘The NBA gave me my depression,’ the 34-year-old Robinson told Bleacher Report. ‘I’ve never been a depressed person in my life.’

A 5ft9, high-flying spark plug known for alternately thrilling and frustrating coaches, players and fans, Robinson explained it was his behavior – often seen as childish – that made him a target for criticism.

The perception that he refused to focus was not unfounded. While playing for the Knicks in 2009, for instance, the Seattle native hit a 3-pointer against the New Jersey Nets in the final moments of the first quarter.

The problem was, he shot it at the wrong basket.

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