New England Patriots star rescues woman trapped in car crash on way home from AFC championship game

New England Patriots star Vince Wilfork has proved to be a hero not just on the grid iron – but on the highway, too.

The defensive tackle spotted a crash in Foxborough, Massachusetts, on his way home from winning the AFC Championship Sunday night to and stop to help driver whose Jeep had flipped over on the highway.

According to police, the woman was trapped inside and the 6-foot-2, 325lb Wilfork climbed on top of her over-turned SUV and pulled her out with one hand.

When asked about his rescue, Wilfork, a 33-year-old NFL veteran, played down what he did.

‘I just wanted to help. I think anybody would’ve done the same,’ he told the Boston Globe on Monday.

‘Through football and the course of life, I’ve learned to stay poised in certain situations. I’m pretty sure she was scared so the last thing I wanted to do was have her panic. The first thing I told her is “Don’t panic, I’ll get you out of here” and I got her out.’

Once police arrived and took control of the crash scene, he left and continued on his journey home.

Police say the woman, 38-year-old Mary Ellen Brooks, was driving drunk when she crashed and flipped her vehicle.

After she was arrested for operating under the influence and negligent operation of a motor vehicle.

She was not seriously injured in the crash.

Source: The DailyMail

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