New Orleans waiter who gave n-word receipt to African American woman is fired

A waiter at a New Orleans eatery was fired last week after he wrote a racist epithet on a customer’s receipt.

Dakota Crochet, 23, was waiting on Liryca Neville Branch, daughter of GRAMMY-winning musician Cyril Neville, at Huck Finn’s when he reportedly included the word ‘N*****S’ in all caps on her receipt.

The horrified customer immediately showed the receipt to managers and even some other customers and was assured it would be Crochet’s last shift at the casual French Quarter Eatery.

Branch, 33, told The Advocate she also confronted Crochet herself. She said he claimed the message was meant for someone else and that he did not apologize.

Another waiter at Huck Finn’s told the New York Daily News that she finds it difficult to believe Crochet wasn’t fully aware of what he was doing as he typed the message.

‘I printed those receipts 50 times a day. I know for a fact he knew it would show up on his receipt,’ the waitress said. ‘I was like, are you that hateful that you would put that on the receipt?’

The message accompanied a discount for a dish that a customer did not like.

Branch said her table was pleasant with Crochet when they sent back the food but that it clearly had him upset.

She said the incident caused her to have a ‘breakdown’ at work on Friday at her workplace, which is close to the restaurant.

Now Branch is considering a lawsuit.

‘I’ve never had anything like this happen before to me,’ she said. ‘Trust me — this is not over. I refuse to let this die out.’

Huck Finn’s, where Crochet’s father is the general manager, issued a public apology on Thursday on Facebook.

However, Morris Reed Jr., a lawyer for Branch and her dining companions said the apology did not go far enough.

‘We appreciate them taking this step, but it would be good to hear it out of their mouths,’ he said. ‘Anyone can type a statement.’

Source: The DailyMail

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