New video released reveals heated aggressive traffic stop by Ray Tensing in May 2014

Ray Tensing May 2014, btbThis is the moment Cincinnati campus cop Ray Tensing was caught up in a heated traffic stop a year before he allegedly murdered a driver he had pulled over.

Tensing, 25, is seen arguing with two men in a he car pulled over last May. They accuse him of harassing them, breaching their rights and being generally ‘incompetent’.

The officer, who worked for the University of Cincinnati campus force, argues with the men over IDs and whether he has the right to detain them, before a supervisor intervenes and lets the men go.

Footage of the stoppage, taken by passenger Demetrius Pace, gives an insight into the policing style of Tensing, who rose to notoriety this week after shooting unarmed Samuel DuBose in the head during another traffic stop.

Tensing has since been indicted for murder over the stop, which shows him speaking with DuBose, 43, after pulling him over about a license plate.

Not long into the encounter, the two argue over a driver’s license, which DuBose says he does not have with him. He later gets agitated and turns the ignition key in his car.

After a struggle over the vehicle’s door, Tensing draws his weapon, reaches in and shoots DuBose once in the head, killing him.

The campus police department fired him as soon as the charges were filed, prompting Tensing to immediately demand his job back.

The older footage, which Pace uploaded to YouTube, shows Tensing stopping him and his friend Sexton Henley over a dragging bumper plate.

It devolves into bickering after Tensing asks Pace to identify himself, and he refuses.

Under Ohio law, people only have to identify themselves to police if the officer suspects them of a criminal offense or thinks they witnesses a felony – neither of which apply in a traffic stop.

During the exchange, Pace tells Tensing: ‘I’m just trying to go to the ATM to get some money out and y’all just pulled me over for some bulls**t.’

When asked to explain himself, Tensing does not answer the pair, who instead ask him to call his supervisor.

He also doesn’t tell them his name when asked, and will only say the pair are ‘being detained’.

At one point in the video, Henley tells Tensing: ‘Don’t hold me against my own will for nothing!’

After his supervisor arrives, Tensing stops speaking. The stop ends after the senior officer says that their vehicle doesn’t match any recently-recorded accidents, and lets the pair go.

Pace later told local news station WCPO: ‘I felt like through the whole encounter, I shouldn’t have even been questioned. He should have dealt specifically with the driver’.

Tensing has pleaded not guilty to the murder charge and another of voluntary manslaughter for this week’s killing.

He paid a $100,000 bond and was allowed out of jail on Thursday. Two other officers who came to the scene of the shooting were interviewed but not indicted over the killing.

The Hamilton County coroner’s office on Friday released preliminary autopsy findings for DuBose, which found that he died from a single gunshot wound to his left temple. No bullet was recovered.

Source: The DailyMail

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