New Zealand basketball team performs ‘haka’ to world champion US squad

The US basketball team were bewildered by their New Zealand opponents’ traditional performance of the ‘haka’ just before the teams clashed in the Basketball World Cup last night.

And nothing could beat the look on superstar James Harden’s face as he witnessed the unique Kiwi war dance for the first time.

The performance is supposed to instill fear in their opponents, but the American team riddled with NBA players seemed utterly confused by what was happening.

Looking at how the player’s reacted it seems like they had never seen anything like that before.

The US team was in the middle of their warm up for the big game when the Kiwi team got down to business with the haka.

The players were clearly stunned with the display but were able to regain their concentration and win the game 98-71.

Veteran Kiwi forward Casey Franks said: ‘It was pretty awesome getting to play against these guys. These are guys that we watch on TV all the time.

‘To be able to get out there on the court against them and have a little bit of success offensively, obviously the result didn’t go our way, was pretty awesome.’

Mike Krzyzewski, USA coach, said the players were aware the haka would be part of the pre game and they lined up to face midcourt as the New Zealand players got into their formation.

‘We actually were going to shake hands with them afterwards because we knew that was a really neat thing to do and it’s part of their tradition, and we admire that,’ Krzyzewski added.

The US team won the game 98-71, which is a good result for the New Zealanders.

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