Newly released 911 call reveals NFL star LeSean McCoy hoped to peacefully evict his girlfriend in 2017


According to TMZ , Cordon was seen moving out of the house on Monday

In this Feb. 4, 2017, file photo, McCoy and Cordon are seen arriving to the 6th annual NFL Honors at the Wortham Center in HoustonLeSean McCoy told a 911 operator in 2017 that he simply wanted to get his ex-girlfriend ‘out of my home safely’ during a domestic dispute that has come to light in the wake of allegations that the Buffalo Bills running back may have played a role in last week’s brutal attack on the woman.

‘I’m an NFL player, ma’am,’ McCoy can be heard telling the 911 operator in a call that was released by Milton, Georgia police on Tuesday afternoon. ‘I play for the Buffalo Bills, for the NFL. I don’t want no drama.’

When asked if the dispute with his now ex-girlfriend Delicia Cordon was physical or verbal, McCoy told the operator it was only verbal. ‘I didn’t get physical with her,’ he told the 911 operator last July.

‘I have a young lady,’ McCoy can be heard saying. ‘She’s stealing stuff out of my home. She won’t leave. We were together for a little bit – five, six months. I let her go like two weeks ago. I’ve been trying to be cordial with her, but it’s not working.

‘She’s trying to pick a fight,’ he continued. ‘I left her. She just left my home. I’m locking my door. I’m putting her stuff, all her valuables, outside of my home. I don’t want no fights. I want to call the cops so everything is safe.’

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