Newsflash: Female Hair Loss Is Way More Common Than You Think—And Here’s What You Can Do About It

Source: Well + Good

It’s hard to keep your cool when you start finding your hair in your bathtub drain, on your rose quartz brush, and all. over. the. apartment. floor.

First off, shedding strands is common (welcome to the club). Unless your hair loss is genetic or caused by a medical condition, though, there are a few ways to stave off the excessive thinning of your crowning glory—and we tapped NYC-based integrative nutrition health coach Maria Marlowe for the scoop.

The most common hair questions she hears during client one-on-ones include “how can I make my hair grow?” and “why am I losing so much hair?” Turns out, your diet can have a huge impact on your locks (good and bad). “What we eat influences our hair in many ways,” Marlowe says. “Lacking certain nutrients can slow hair growth, leave it weak and dull, and contribute to both dandruff and hair loss.”

The good news? You have the power to keep those good hair days rolling in. Specifically, eat well with the help of Marlowe’s brilliant tips below and supplement accordingly with the just-launched RECHARGING COMPLEX™ hair supplement by NIOXIN (yup, you likely recognize the name from your appointments at top salons). Hair flip-worthy tresses coming right up.

Keep reading for 3 steps you can take for thicker, fuller hair.

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