NFL star Greg Hardy expresses ‘regret’ over his past, photos of bruised ex-girlfriend released

Dallas Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy tweeted ‘regret’ on Saturday night after photos of his bruised ex-girlfriend from his domestic violence case were released a day earlier.

Hardy said on Twitter that he ‘had to say I express my regret 4 what happened in past’ and that he’s ‘dedicated to being the best person & teammate that I can be.’ He also said he was grateful to still be playing in the NFL.

Hardy missed 14 games last season while with Carolina due to the domestic case and served a four-game suspension from the NFL to begin this year.

Hardy signed an incentive-laden $13 million contract as a free agent with Dallas in March.

More than two years after NFL player Greg Hardy was arrested and charged with threatening and attacking his then-girlfriend, the photos of her graphic injuries he allegedly inflicted upon herwere revealed along with the horrifying details.

The series of photos released on Friday show Hardy’s former girlfriend Nicole Holder with several bruises all over her body. The pictures released also include some of the Dallas Cowboys player with marks on his face.

The photos, which were obtained by Deadspin along with records in the case, were published on the site Friday afternoon.

Hardy was arrested and charged with attacking Holder while playing for the NFL’s Carolina Panthers.

At the time, Holder accused the defensive end of throwing her on a bed covered with assault rifles, throwing her against a bathroom wall, chocking her and threatening her life in an altercation at his apartment in North Carolina.

One of Holder’s friends and co-workers, Laura Iwanicki, said in court that the couple’s relationship was ‘very up and down.

‘It always seemed like there was an issue,’ Iwanicki said in court. ‘It was either really good or really bad, and I felt I didn’t think there was any in between.’

Holder told one of the officers investigating the alleged domestic violence incident that ‘if she ever did anything to damage his career that he would kill her,’ according to the documents obtained by Deadspin.

She also admitted to the same officer that Hardy ‘beat the hell’ out of her, and in one of the transcripts Deadspin obtained, she said ‘he’s going to kill me.’

The alleged altercation happened after Hardy, Holder and others had spent a night out drinking.

According the the police transcript, Hardy and Holder were in a bedroom at his apartment, when he began accusing her of destroying their relationship and called her a slut.

Holder told police Hardy threw her into into the shower wall in a bathroom before pulling her out of the tub by her hair and tossing her onto a futon covered with ‘guns from the Army or video games’.

The 280-pound player is then accused of strangling the victim while he looked ‘crazy’.

The victim told police: ‘He said, ‘I should kill you.’

‘He looked insane. His pupils were tiny… I mean he looked crazy.

‘He looked so crazy. His face was just blank. I’ve never seen him look at me like that…never.’

After the incident was over, an officer asked Holder why she was crying.

She responded: ‘It doesn’t matter. Nothing is going to happen to him anyways.’

During a later interview with police, Holder revealed that Hardy would often show up uninvited at her condo and then smell her pillows and towels because he thought she was cheating on him.

The officer who was conducting the interview asked Holder why she would let Hardy in the home.

She responded: ‘I’ve always… I loved him.

‘I’ve always been wanting him to get better. Wanting us to get better. I’ve always wanted that.’

Source: The DailyMail

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