No room for ‘racists and bigots’: University of Oklahoma president condemns SAE fraternity for racist chant

The president of the University of Oklahoma has condemned the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity for the racist chant that emerged this weekend and vowed to discipline the students involved – but stopped short of saying they would be expelled from the university.

David Boren expressed outrage today at the racist song by members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon and revealed that school officials have already identified at least two of the students seen singing ‘There will never be a n***** in SAE’ on a party bus over the weekend.

‘We will look at all possible punishment and what is available to us under the law. Under the civil rights law it may be possible for us to take action against certain individuals,’ he said.

‘Would I be happy if they left voluntarily? Yes. We don’t have room for racists and bigots here.’

He added: ‘I don’t want them here. I’ll pay the bus fare to get them out. They’re not coming back.’

Hundreds of furious students have rallied on campus in Norman this morning to protest the outrageous song by the fraternity brothers.

Boren’s comments come as a new video emerges that shows a frat brother trying to stop the recording of the sickening song aboard the Sigma Alpha Epsilon party bus.

As one tuxedo-clad brother gleefully sings, ‘You can hang him from a tree, but he’ll never sign with me, there will never be a n***** in SAE’ – another stands up and waves his hands in front of a cell phone camera, attempting to stop the filming of the shameful song.

Earlier on Monday, Boren gave the fraternity members less than 24 hours to vacate their house on campus.

He may have offered to buy the frat members a bus ticket out of town – but it seems some of the members will drive a Cadillac instead. An Escalade SUV was among several vehicles – including two U-Haul trucks that were parked outside the fraternity on Monday morning, according to KOCO-TV.

Fraternity members refused to talk to members of the press as they packed up their belongings and loaded them into the trucks.

According to the campus student newspaper, the Oklahoma Daily, several fraternity members were also seen fleeing the house on Sunday night with packed suitcases.

At a rally on Monday morning, shamed the fraternity brothers, according the Oklahoman newspaper: ‘You are disgraceful! Real Sooners are not bigots, real Sooners are not racist.’

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