NY nurse details horrific moment when her hair fell out after stylist used wrong product

A Brooklyn woman has been left devastated by a salon-mishap that caused her hair to fall out in handfuls, reportedly leaving permanent bald spots in areas where the follicles were burned.

Traumatic visit: A Brooklyn woman, who asked not to be identified and has been referred to has Bernice (R), has detailed the horror of learning her hair had fallen out in clumps after her usual treatment at a hair salon

The New York-based oncology nurse, who has asked not to be identified and is being referred to as ‘Bernice’, was at the Best Dominican Stylist Salon on Avenue L in Brooklyn, her usual hair salon, when she noticed her stylist, Caesar, using something different on her hair.

‘When he applied the product in my hair I didn’t feel any sensation of my head. He paused. He told me to rush to the sink. I went to the sink and he was speechless,’ she told PIX11. ‘He was like, “Oh my god! Oh my god!” I said, “Caesar is everything okay?” And I touched the back of my head, and I felt like I had no hair on the back of my head.

‘I asked for a mirror and I said, “Caesar what happened?” And he said, “Your hair is falling out! Your hair is falling out!”‘

Bernice told the news outlet that Caesar started speaking to the salon owner’s daughter in Spanish, and according to her friend, who understands the language, she told someone to go out and buy the correct conditioner.

However, it was too late as Bernice’s hair had already burned off after being treated with an unknown chemical.

Despite Caesar’s incessant apologies, he never told her what he used on her hair or why, making it difficult for her dermatologist to treat her.

‘I knew something was different,’ Bernice explained. ‘The smell was different, but I said, “You know every product is different. Maybe when they buy it in bundles…” and I trusted him.’

Bernice’s friend used her cell phone to make an audio recording of her reaction after seeing her damaged hair in the mirror for the first time.

In the clip, Bernice can be heard yelling, ‘Oh my god!’ over and over again. When the salon owner, who hasn’t been named, came in, Caesar reportedly confessed to putting something different in her hair.

Bernice and PIX11’s Howard Thompson, who helps viewers who have suffered injustices, returned to the salon to confront the owner on her behalf, but left without any real answers.

When they arrived at the salon, the owner said Caesar was not in for the day. And while she said she recognized Bernice she said she didn’t know what happened to her at the salon.

Meanwhile, the owner’s daughter, who allegedly asked Caesar to go out and get the right conditioner, combed her hair while claiming she didn’t speak English.

‘My whole head. My whole head,’ Bernice cried in the salon while they owner tried to comforter with a hug.

According to PIX11, Bernice’s dermatologist told her that only some of her hair would grow back because the areas where the follicles were burned have been permanently damaged.

Bernice is on steroids, presumably to promote hair growth, and has retained a lawyer, following the incident.

Source: The DailyMail

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