‘One bad argument’: Parents stand by sons who ‘drugged, beat, and stabbed them’

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A Georgia couple who were allegedly drugged, beaten and stabbed by their two sons during an attempted double murder are standing by them, insisting the pair had ‘one bad moment’.

Yvonne and Zachery Ervin, both 50, told Good Morning America on Monday morning there were no warning signs to suggest Christopher Ervin, 22, and Cameron Ervin, 17, would brutally attack them on September 5 and try and blow up their suburban Atlanta home.

They maintained they loved the pair ‘unconditionally’ and added the only issues they had with them was when they wouldn’t clean their room and would sometimes give them a bad attitude.

Their sons face charges including aggravated assault and arson after allegedly strangling and beating Yvonne and stabbing Zachary.

They are behind bars, have not entered a plea and are yet to be convicted – and their parents say the consequences they face are ‘up to God’.

Yvonne told the station she is healing from her physical and mental scars as God is helping her through the ordeal.

Zachary then added: ‘I’m healing fine. God has truly worked a miracle. We don’t know what happened. Our kids had one bad moment.

‘God will reveal in time to us and to the world. Get all the questions and the answers.

But for now we just need to focus on healing.

Yvonne described how their children were acting normally in the days leading up to the attack and had even prepared dinner for them.

‘I found out during the whole process there had been Xanax put in our drinks,’ the mother added.

But, despite the revelation, she insisted that their actions were unprecedented.

‘We forgive our boys because that was totally out of character for them. They’re not violent, they’ve never gotten in any type of trouble,’ Yvonne said.

Zachary: ‘Just common teenagers.’

‘As teenagers, they had issues with cleaning their room and had an attitude sometimes when they tell them to do something.

‘Every family experiences it. But there was nothing to indicate anything like this.

The pair were then asked about a police report that suggested one of the boys had been having thoughts he wanted to kill them since the age of 11.

Yvonne insisted they didn’t know what was going on. The couple have since spoken to their sons in custody to reiterate that they love them ‘unconditionally’.

Zachary added: ‘We told them that we forgive them. They had one bad moment.’

Yvonne then had a message to the public, asking to look at their family’s alleged crimes from their perspective: ‘I ask people to take it personally. What if it was your son, your relative your friend?’

While Zachary distracted them during the September attack, Yvonne called 911 and told a dispatcher that her sons were trying to kill her.

When officers arrived, they found a bloody scene inside the family’s home.

Zachary emerged from the garage covered in blood, Gwinnett County police said.

The brothers had also turned on the gas to the fireplace and lit a candle in a failed attempt to blow up the house, Gwinnett County District Attorney Danny Porter has said.

The parents told police their sons also tried to strangle them, and Yvonne said that what she believed was a flammable liquid had been poured on her, WXIA reported.

The brothers are being held without bail.

Source: The DailyMail

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