Oregon players rip Willie Taggart for lying about Florida State interest

Taggart's now former players at Oregon aren't pleased with his move to FSU.

Grey Papke, Larry Brown Sports | Source, MSN

Willie Taggart has maintained that he was open, honest, and transparent with everyone at Oregon as he contemplated and eventually took the job at Florida State. Those at Oregon, however, seem to feel differently.

During his introductory press conference at Florida State on Wednesday, Taggart said he had been open and honest with players and administrators about Florida State’s interest. That quote struck a nerve with players and media alike.

Two of Taggart’s former Oregon players, linebacker Troy Dye and safety Nick Pickett, ripped Taggart on Twitter in response to the quote.

Oregon athletic director Rob Mullens has also publicly contradicted Taggart’s version of events. It’s not rare for things like this to happen when one coach leaves a job for another program, but this one has gone down particularly poorly in Eugene.

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