Otto Porter Keeps Getting Better On Both Ends Of The Floor

By Jeff Siegel | Uproxx

The Washington Wizards were staring down the barrel of The Otto Porter Problem as he entered free agency in 2017. An immensely talented shooter for the final two seasons of his four-year rookie scale contract, Porter brought very little else to the table. He was a passable defender for his position, but commanded a maximum salary, anyway, because of the scarcity of that position.

His playmaking wasn’t fantastic, either, though the Wizards never really asked him to do much with the ball in his hands given that they had John Wall and Bradley Beal playing with him on the perimeter. He wasn’t really capable of creating his own shot, though, nor was he a post-up threat in the least. Basically, he took the “three-and-D” label to the absolute extreme: He was an elite three-point shooter offensively and backed that up with passable enough defense to play his way into a max contract offer from the Brooklyn Nets, which the Wizards matched.

In a league that’s moving further towards each team being a homogeneous group of 6’4 to 6’10 wings and forwards who can do everything on a basketball floor, the incredibly specific talents of Porter left the Wizards with something to be desired from their wing pairing.

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