Outrage: Mom hires stripper to perform lap dance for 8-year-old on his birthday

This is the moment an alleged stripper dances in front of an eight-year-boy as part of his inappropriate birthday celebration.

Video of the incident emerged online in a number of places and quickly went viral, with many shocked viewers criticizing the content.

The footage shows the young boy sitting on a chair while a woman dressed in pink underwear dances in front of him.

Shocking: The boy is seen sitting on a chair while a woman dressed in pink underwear dances in front of him

Other children can be seen watching and laughing as the unidentified adult continues to gyrate in front of the youngster.

The video is believed to have been captured in Tampa, Florida and the dance was allegedly organised in celebration of the boy turning eight years old.

The woman was reportedly hired to perform by the mother of the boy featured in the clip, according to the Daily Star.

Tampa police were contacted in regards to the video last week, reported New York Post.

But they were unable to act due to the fact the footage does not reveal when and where the incident took place nor who is involved.

Representatives for Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Department told the paper they were unaware of the footage.

The video unsurprisingly received a number of comments from viewers after it appeared online.With many Reddit users expressing their shock.

One viewer wrote: ‘How is this not child abuse? I’m sorry but the kid is eight years old.’

While another added: ‘This whole thing is just embarrassing.’

Source: The DailyMail

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