Panthers remove Greg Hardy from roster after domestic violence conviction

The Carolina Panthers have kicked Greg Hardy, one of their biggest stars, off their roster – but only two months after he was convicted of strangling and threatening to kill his girlfriend in May.

Team officials did not comment on the decision to deactivate 25-year-old Hardy – but it comes days after the release of video showing Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice brutally punching his wife in the face.

Hardy has not been disciplined by the NFL. He played in last week’s game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and recorded one sack and three tackles.

The Rice video has re-ignited national outrage over the NFL’s handing of domestic violence. Rice was given a two-game suspension, but then kicked off the team and banned from the league when the video leaked.

Hardy was convicted of assaulting Nicki Holder in a bench trial by a judge in Charlotte on July 16. He has appealed the ruling and is still awaiting a jury trial, which he is allowed under North Carolina law.

Miss Holder told police that the 6-foot-4, 290lb defensive end, nicknamed ‘Da Kraken,’ choked her, slammed her against a bathtub, threw her to the floor and threatened to kill her after a fight at his Charlotte condo in May.

Officers noted bruises and scratches on her and she arrived at court the next day with her arm in a sling.

Hardy’s lawyer has said that Hardy didn’t abuse his girlfriend – and claimed that he was the victim after she became violent.

In a ten-hour trial, Miss Holder testified that Hardy became upset when a Nelly song came on in the club where they were partying. She had had a brief fling with the rapper and she claimed Hardy was jealous.

Hardy’s lawyer, in turn, said that Miss Holder was high on cocaine and drunk and she herself became enraged when Hardy asked her to leave his condo after a night out together.

A judge ultimately sided with Miss Holder and convicted Hardy. His appeal of her ruling is still open.

Hardy had been named a ‘franchise player’ this year and was guaranteed a minimum $13.1million contract.

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