Parents break into Texas daycare center after staff went home, left their 10-month-old baby

Baby Daycare, btbDesperate parents broke into a daycare center in Texas when childminders forgot their 10-month-old son was still inside and locked up for the night.

Sharonda Ross, 30, said she went to pick up her son Jordan on Monday evening after she finished work to find Joann’s Day Care in Houston locked.

She raced home in the hope that her partner Lawrence Matthews had collected Jordan, but when the pair realized he was missing they broke into the center to find him alone and crying.

In a disturbing video Jordan’s cries can be heard as his father searches the building, before passing him through a broken window the couple had smashed to gain entry.

‘I was thinking this isn’t happening. I’m dreaming,’ Sharonda told ABC News.

‘I’m going to wake up and it’s going to be a dream. I’m just at a loss for words.’

Joann’s Day Care shuts at 6pm, but Sheronda, a security worker, said there was a long-standing arrangement with the business that she would pick her up son up later as she finished work at 6pm.

When she arrived at 6.45pm on Monday night she saw the parking lot was empty, and began banging on the door before she realized there was no one inside.

The couple then broke a window to enter the building after hearing their son’s cries.

Jordan’s mom Sharonda captured their break-in on a cellphone camera.

When the boy’s dad Lawrence enters the building he emerges seconds later carrying his son and Sharonda can be heard crying.

Joann Davis, owner of the business, said she was ‘deeply, terribly sorry’ that Jordan had been left on his own – but hasn’t sacked the employee who locked the building up while the baby was still inside.

‘I thank God he was OK… It was our mistake. I’m not saying it’s not… but the main thing is the baby’s okay, and I’m sorry as I can be,’ she told station as she fought back tears KTRK.

She added the employee had locked up at 6.43pm, meaning Jordan had not been left on his own for long, and she has since introduced new policies to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Detectives from Harris County Sheriff’s Office are now investigating a child abandonment claim, after Sheronda complained to them.

Source: The DailyMail

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