Patriots’ Chandler Jones apologizes for turning up at police station half-naked

Patriots star Chandler Jones has apologized after he turned up to a police station half-naked and confused after allegedly smoking synthetic marijuana.

The 25-year-old defensive end was taken to hospital after he showed up at the Foxborough, Massachusetts, precinct around around 7:40 AM on Sunday in a pair of blue sweatpants with no shirt, the police report states.

The bizarre incident took place just days before the team take on the Kansas City Chiefs in the playoffs, and forced angry head coach Bill Belichek to deflect questions about what happened from reporters.

Jones apologized for his antics, saying it was a ‘stupid mistake’, and insisted his main focus was on helping the team win on Saturday night – even though he will be watching from the bench.

Jones was seen ‘scurrying’ scurrying toward the officer-only back entrance of the station when cops spotted him.

Then suddenly, without warning, Jones is said to have dropped to his knees, interlocked his fingers behind his head and began to move slowly toward the ground.

‘Honestly, it appeared as if he was actively praying or worshipping,’ one officer described in the police report.

When cops started running towards him, he laid down on his stomach with his arms wide out — and told cops, ‘I’m Chandler Jones’.

The player then said he had ‘been told’ to come to the station. But when asked, he couldn’t explain to cops why exactly he was there, the report states.

He was rushed to hospital for treatment after telling officers he had left his keys at home.

When a cop showed up at his house nearby, he found the door open and could smell burnt marijuana, according to the police report.

The NFL star was back at training on Monday morning with the Patriots confirming he hadn’t missed any meetings or practice.

However, he is not expected to feature next game against Kansas City Chiefs on Saturday as he listed on the injury report.

Speaking to the press on Thursday, Belichek avoided questions on Jones and then slammed reporters when he asked.

He said: ‘First of all, relative to Chandler’s situation, there’s nothing more important to me personally than the health and well-being of our players, staff, and support people in the organization.

‘We issued a statement on that, and I really don’t have anything to add to it,’

When another reporter tried to ask, he said: ‘I’ve already covered this’.

Police logs show he was then taken to Norwood Hospital after an evaluation while a police officer was sent to ‘secure his house’.

A source told the Boston Globe that the reason why he was taken to hospital was because he smoked synthetic marijuana.

They added that he went to the police station after he had a reaction to taking the substance.

It is categorized as a Class D drug in Massachusetts, which includes marijuana and some prescription drugs and can be legal.

Police logs show Jones was taken to Norwood Hospital after an evaluation while a police officer was sent to 'secure his house'

But despite the revelation, Jones was unavailable in the locker room for interview and has refused to comment.

His team mates would also not talk about the situation.

Despite its name, synthetic marijuana does not contain weed and is an herbal mixture sprayed with chemicals that create a high similar to smoking marijuana, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Advertised as a ‘legal’ alternative to weed, it’s often sold as incense or potpourri.

When many states outlawed the drug, manufacturers slightly changed the compound so they were no longer illegal.

The first state laws banning synthetic drugs were established in 2010. Now at least 41 states have banned them, but that has not deterred the manufacturers.

Common side effects from smoking synthetic marijuana include bloodshot eyes, disturbed perceptions, a change in mood, paranoia, raised blood pressure or hallucinations.

Source: The DailyMail

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