Photo of murder victim’s corpse posted to Facebook?

An image that appears to show a murder victim’s body wrapped in plastic was posted on the Facebook page of a Baltimore man after he was arrested in connection to murder.

Jermaine Jackson, 28, was arrested Saturday for the stabbing death of his boyfriend, Andre Nicholas, also age 28, who was found dead by the suspect’s mother in her son’s room.

The unnamed woman had just returned from work when she went into Jackson’s basement room at their home in Baltimore, Maryland, and came upon a human body wrapped in green plastic lying on the bed, according to police.

Jackson was arrested on charges of first and second-degree murder and first and second-degree assault, as well as dangerous weapon charges, and taken to Central Booking, where he has been since Sunday.

However, at around 4pm Monday, someone accessed Jackson’s Facebook account and shared an image depicting a large object resembling a body on a basement floor wrapped in a sheet and plastic.

Detective Jeremy Silbert told The Baltimore Sun police ‘are certain that the suspect does not have access to his cellular phone in jail.’ The disturbing photo was later taken down.

Detectives believe that a friend of Jackson’s had his smartphone and posted the photo on social media.

People close to the victim said they came upon the disturbing image on Facebook and alerted police.

According to court documents, Jermaine Jackson’s mother left him and Mr Nicholas, both of whom lived with their parents, in the basement in the 2500 block of Garret Avenue while she went to work.

However, when she returned at around 9pm that evening, her son allegedly came upstairs and told her to gather all of her ‘important papers’ together because they had to leave.

When she asked why, Jackson replied that there was a dead body in his bed, police wrote in court papers obtained by The Baltimore Sun.

He then reportedly went on to say he had choked and stabbed Mr Nicholas ‘because the victim wanted him to do something he didn’t want to do,’ although it was not clear what this was.

Jackson’s mother then ventured into his bedroom and discovered ‘what she believed to be a body wrapped in plastic on the defendants bed’, police said. It was later confirmed to be Mr Nicholas.

Mark McLaurin, a friend of Mr Nicholas, said the victim and Jackson had been in a relationship for more than a year, and had appeared happy together.

Jackson, who has previously been arrested on charges of theft, burglary and violating protective orders. He is being held in jail without bond.

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