Pitbull attack leaves 6-year-old boy in critical condition after being savagely mauled

An Indianapolis boy has been left in a critical condition after being savagely mauled by a neighbors dog that managed to escape its yard.

Six-year-old Kaiden Harrison was viciously attacked by the young Pitbull as he played with friends near his house on the city’s far east side on Sunday night.

Officials with Indianapolis Animal Care and Control said the dog doesn’t have a history of attacks and they believe the incident was random, Fox 59 reported.

Kaiden’s father, Kenneth Gamble, said that a neighbor picked up his son’s near-lifeless body.

Mr Gamble explained: ‘There was a lot of blood. The guy’s shirt was drenched in blood.

‘It’s like he was on his face for like a minute. It’s like he was eating his face.’

Kaiden was rushed to Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health in a critical condition.

Both of his ears were severely injured in the attack and he was rushed into surgery to repair them.

‘One is badly damaged, like halfway there, and the other one is almost completely off,’ Gamble said.

Kaiden also suffered other injuries, including puncture wounds to his knees.

He will remain hospitalized for now. After a few weeks of recovering, he will be taken back in for reconstructive surgery.


‘Right now he can hear. His hearing is good, but they don’t know once he starts healing or after this surgery if it will change or not. It’s just a time thing,’ said Gamble.

‘He’s a strong little boy.’

The owners of the Pitbull have surrendered the dog to IACC custody, where it will be quarantined for 10 days and undergo a behavioral evaluation.

Officials told Fox 59 that, because of the severity of the bites, the dog will likely be put down.

The owners will also be cited.

Source: The DailyMail

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