Scantily-clad pair caught on camera sexually assaulting a man, twerking against him, groping crotch in gas station

One of the two scantily-clad women who were captured on surveillance cameras sexually assaulting a man has been arrested, authorities said.

Video from a convenience store’s surveillance camera from last month showed one of the women twerking against the shocked male customer while the other repeatedly grabbed his crotch.

On Tuesday, authorities arrested Ayanna Marie Knight, 22, of Las Vegas, and charged her with third-degree sexual abuse.

Officers found her after a tip-off following the release of the store’s surveillance video by Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, D.C.

The second woman from the footage is yet to be found.

The incident occurred at the Shell gas station, in the 17000 block of New York Avenue, Northeast, at around 4pm on October 7.

The footage showed one of the women suddenly twerking against a man who was standing behind her.

The man, who did not appear to initiate the encounter, walked away – but then another woman approached him and appeared to pester him repeatedly, despite his obvious attempts to escape.

The victim appeared uncomfortable with the contact and walked away to talk on his phone while the second woman continued to go at him.

She also seemed to attempt to kiss him and rub on his back at certain points during the encounter.

The victim, said he had asked the man behind the store’s counter for help, but was told: ‘What do you want me to do?’

He told FOX5 that he was afraid for his safety because he believed the men outside the gas station were the suspects’ pimps.

‘I did not want to be shot that day,’ he told the station.

The victim added that he was also unsure whether the suspects were women or transvestites.

He also said he did not want to be named because he is a teacher and has already faced backlash online for reporting the incident.

Police posted the video on YouTube to get the public’s help in identifying the suspects.

Both were wanted on third-degree sexual abuse charges.

Some commenters mocked the seriousness of the crime, but others spoke out against the women.

One person wrote: ‘This is a very serious crime. Two women sexually assaulted this man against his will.

‘In fact, it’s so serious nobody did anything.

‘This was in broad daylight and nobody attempted to intervene.’

Anyone who recognizes the women should call police at 202-727-9099.

Source: DailyMail

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