Pop Your Melanin, Protect Your Edges and Perfect Yourself With These Tips From a Great Skin Doc

By Veronica Webb | The GlowUP [The Root]

What would you ask Dr. Michelle Henry, a Harvard-trained, board-certified dermatologist, if you were just sitting around kicking it over lunch? The Glow Up caught up with the good doctor you can easily ask anything of, since she’s so approachable, and judging by her smooth-as-glass complexion—you’ll like the outcome of her advice.

Henry is the kind of Glow Up girl we all want to be—the complete science-nerd bombshell package cinched tight with a Gucci belt. As we tucked into salads over a hurried workday lunch, she gave me the breakdown on what we can be doing now to live our best life for our skin and our overall health.

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