Positive self-talk


Let’s use the photo part of our brain and picture that you are doing your weekly weigh-in and you just know in your mind that you’ve lost a pound or two. Everything that you’ve eaten is on point with your new healthy eating habits. You have been more consistent with your exercise than you usually are, doing your “new you”. You inhale with a deeeeep breath, close your eyes as tight as you can and take the big plunge…you step onto the scale. Your heart suddenly skips a beat. You brace your nerves, pop your eyes opened wide and…your heart begins to do a dungeon drop into your stomach. Instead of your weight being down those three pounds, as you’d hoped, you gain a disgusting pound since last week.

Ladies, what are we to do? What’s goes through your mind? Is it that negative self-talk that we sometimes beat ourselves up with? Do you feel worthless, like you are a failure and totally disappointed as if you can’t do anything right? Do you move the scale to another spot in your home or gym, hoping that the darn thing lied and that the number will change?

If the above paragraph describes you, you are not along. This is true of a lot of women after a disappointing weigh-in. Ladies, get off the emotional roller coaster! Think about it, why should something as simple as a number on a scale make you a nervous wreck – then on top of that make you feel like such a defeated diva when number isn’t what you had hoped for? Let’s not let a number on a scale ruin your day or even week and make that little imp in your mind make you say horrible things to yourself that you would never dream of saying to a friend.

So, the next time the number on the scale gets you down, step off, take a deep breath, and remember this: The only thing the scale can tell you is the amount of force that gravity has on your body at any given moment.

The next time your self-talk attempts to be negative regarding a “simple number” review the list below and remind yourself of what a scale “cannot” tell you:

  • How much better your clothes are fitting (losing inches is more important than losing pounds)
  • How amazing you are on your job
  • How loved you are
  • How well you can cook
  • How much water you drink everyday
  • How determined you are to fight to the end
  • How strong your relationships are

So, see disappointing news from the scale, is not so bad after all. Let’s concentrate on the positive and not the negative. Have a great and positive week.

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