Power Ranking Every NFL Defense, Post-Draft

By Maurice Moton | Source: Bleacher Report

We hear the adage “defense wins championships” every year. It’s used to remind people that touchdowns look great, but the 11 guys trying to ruin offensive highlights can tilt a game’s balance when they’re in lockstep.

How do we measure defenses?

It’s important that a defensive play-caller makes the right decisions. Effective situational football matters. In addition, we’re looking at whether a front line is susceptible to endless four- to five-yard runs up the middle and if the secondary can kill a drive with an interception.

Points allowed also holds tremendous weight. If a team surrenders scores in bunches, forget about a comeback.

Further down the list, it’s fair to discuss yards given up and how coaching affects talent development. Great defensive minds can flip average personnel into a top-10 unit with a few tweaks.

With that in mind, we ranked each defense following the 2018 NFL draft.

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