‘Psychopathic’ teen charged with murder on loose after beating up guard, escaping with 2 other inmates

Three dangerous teens are on the lam in Houston, Texas after escaping from juvenile detention early Sunday morning, say police.

The teens, one of whom is being charged as an adult for capital murder, are identified as Alferis Coby and Jahrell West, both 16.

The third teen can’t be named because he’s being charged as a minor. He is also 16.

The daring escape is the first one in the Harris County Juvenile Probation Department’s nine year history of housing juvenile offenders, say authorities.

Law enforcement is especially concerned because one of the teens, Coby, has shown a tendency for psychopathic behavior, and a diagnostic test revealed he lacked emotions, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Alferis Coby and two teens escaped a juvenile detention center in Houston   Jahrell West and two teens escaped a juvenile detention center in Houston
On the run: Alferis Coby (left) and Jahrell West (right) escaped a juvenile detention center in Houston, along with another inmate. Coby is considered to be ‘psychopathic’ and he beat up a guard to gain their freedom

‘I’m worried not only about what he is capable of, but his very demonstrated lack of empathy to other people,’ said 315th State District Judge Michael Schneider, who certified Coby to stand trial as an adult in October. ‘I usually don’t like to talk about kids in our juvenile system, but this is a dangerous kid. I am really worried he is out.’

The teens reportedly escaped when Coby asked a guard for toiletries shortly after midnight on Sunday.

Authorities said the teen was able to overpower the guard, steal his keys and phone, and then was able to set West and the other teen free.

The three were all then somehow able to escape through a security door.

There is an investigation pending to find out how the teens managed their derring-do, and why the guard opened a door alone that is only supposed to happen in pairs.

‘We’re very disturbed that they were able to get all the way out to the exit egress,’ Tom Brooks, executive director of the county’s juvenile probation department, said. ‘I have no reason to believe there was any collaboration in this. I don’t have all the information; my first thought on it would be somebody didn’t do their job.’

The escape was discovered by another guard at around 1am.

The first guard suffered a vicious beatdown and was rushed to the hospital. He has since been released.

Coby is accused of fatally shooting a man during a March robbery outside a midtown night club. He also allegedly shot a second man, who survived, and stole a woman’s car, according to the Houston Chronicle.

If convicted of capital murder, he faces a life sentence, but would be eligible for parole after 40 years, according to the Houston Chronicle. He was 15 at the time, but is being charged as an adult.

The troubled teen was raised by his grandmother while his parents were in and out of prison for all of his life.

A court-ordered evaluation said the teen had an exceptionally high risk for violence, aggressive tendencies, psychopathic features, and extensive criminality.

A psychiatrist determined that he had a ‘high level of criminal sophistication and dangerousness compared to most individuals his age’ and no remorse for the alleged murder.

The other two teens are charged with aggravated robbery.

Some of the prison garb the teens were wearing when they escaped – white T-shirts and blue shorts – were found discarded a few blocks from the center.

However, a report from NBC News said the teens were wearing white T-shirts and khaki pants.

Authorities are confident that the teens’ freedom will be short lived.

‘They are going to slip up.’ Deputy U.S. Marshal Alfredo Perez.

Anyone with information on the escapees is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

Source: The DailyMail

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