Pulpit authority, part 2

Praise the Lord Saints.

Here are some tell-tell signs that your church is being placed under the bondage that the children of Israel were under during the times of Moses.

Also note that it doesn’t have to practice all seven, any one of these practices by your leaders could lead one to believe that they are attempting or succeeding in doing what the Apostle Peter tried to do when he discovered that the Gentiles were now part of the covenant promised at one time to only them, the children of Israel.

We became joint heirs to the promises and blessings of Abraham through the faithfulness of a man by the name of Cornelius (Acts 9-11.

This was the origin of the first Gentile being baptized along with his household.

Someone labeled this as being led by the Pharisees.  The rationale behind it is that they attempted to rule by force and live by the letter of the Law, but Jesus had to explain to them that they forgot about the Spirit of the Law, His Spirit, which they denied even to this day.

1. Your leaders like to show off.

2. Everyone thinks they’re a little better than everyone else.

3. There’s this love of money thing going on.

4. There’s too little compassion.

5. Leaders expect others to do what they don’t do.

6. No one’s closer to God.

7. The leaders are jealous.

Whenever you decide you are going to run things the way you want to and try to justify it by attempting to read the mind of Jesus, you essentially are doing it in a manner that denies God and what He “truly” wanted for His people.

1. Commentary – Leaders tend to want to be in the spotlight whether in the newspaper, in front of a camera, on a radio station, whatever media they can get themselves involved in that’s their main motivation.

2. The saints walk around with a condescending attitude towards those not a part of their congregation and even worse, other members that may not have the social, educational, economic, or financial status as they do.

3. Putting those on blast for not paying their “tithes and offerings,” something NOT required of a Gentile as it is a part of the Law.  Or bragging how you pay over the 10 percent and you seem to always have the most to give.

4. The statement “we ain’t no welfare office” whenever a saint is in need and it happens more than once, but you’re always preaching name it and claim it, blab it and grab it prosperity messages every week.  If you never grew up in need and can’t relate to the people and don’t know what it’s like to struggle, truly struggle.  Then you wonder why the people don’t give to every fund or love offering you bring up.  You’re the first one that wants to instigate it by saying I’m giving the first hundred, who will be next?  Really?!  Those same people are about to have their lights cut off Monday morning and were going to ask the church for a benevolent offering until then.

5. Simply put, you can’t teach what you don’t know and you can’t lead where you won’t go.  How are you going to tell someone how to better at something you never did nor would do.  Three divorces in your rear view mirror but you want me to attend your marriage workshop.  Or even worse, you think no one knows about you and, well you get the picture.

6. Not only is no one getting more spiritual, there has not been one soul come to the altar for prayer or the hour of power prayer meetings have reduced in size and not all the “leaders” attend.

7. Saving the best or worst for last. The reason there aren’t any men coming through the doors is because you ran the “REAL MEN” off for fear they were going take over “your” church!  I can’t tell you the number of times I have heard about this. We won’t go into the personal experience I have with this one both in my personal and spiritual life.  I will say this, I could write a novel series on it. Jesus told the disciples when they were questioning who was the best simply by saying those who do His will.  His will didn’t include playa hating in the pulpit.  He did not give us equally the same gifts, skills, talents, knowledge or abilities.  Although some have the same, each is different because that’s how He made us.  How can we all have the same gifts when you don’t have the same experiences, lifestyles, backgrounds, etc.?

It’s unfortunate because this city could be noted for more than beautiful beaches, which we had nothing to do with anyway.

Till next week,

God Bless.

Dr. Rob –  pastorrobharrison@gmail.com, @drrobharrison

SCLC Chaplain, Open Door Church of God & True Holiness, St. Pete

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