Ray McDonald’s defamation suit against rape accuser thrown out

By Steve DelVecchio

NFL defensive lineman Ray McDonald has been accused of three separate acts of domestic violence in the past year. In one of them, McDonald tried to turn things around the on the accuser by filing a defamation lawsuit.

A judge wasn’t having it.

According to Pro Football Talk, McDonald’s defamation suit against his accuser was thrown out of court on Monday. That doesn’t mean the accuser was telling the truth when she claimed McDonald raped her, but rather that a judge has ruled there is no evidence to show that she told anyone other than the police about the alleged incident.

The woman is still suing McDonald for assault and battery, negligence, intentional infliction of emotional distress and false imprisonment.

In that particular case, McDonald was investigated for alleged sexual assault after a woman accused him and former San Francisco 49ers teammate Ahmad Brooks of making sexual contact with her after she had fallen and was semi-conscious by a pool. No charges were filed, but the lawsuit is still pending.

Most recently, McDonald was arrested after being accused domestic violence and child endangerment by the mother of his child. The woman involved in that incident is the same one that accused McDonald of domestic violence last August. You can read some details from the most recent alleged incident here.

McDonald, 30, was signed by the Chicago Bears this offseason and released following his most recent arrest. It would not be a surprise if he has played his last down in the NFL.

Source: MSN Sports

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