Revealed: Unarmed black teen Paul O’Neal killed by police WAS shot in the back

A black teenager who was killed by Chicago police suffered a single gunshot wound  to the right side of his back, according to an autopsy report which ruled his death a homicide.

Paul O’Neal, 18, did not have drugs in his system when he was fatally shot by police on July 28, said the report by the Cook County medical examiner’s office.

O’Neal was not armed when he crashed a stolen car into a police car and ran into a backyard where he was handcuffed after being shot. Parts of the incident were captured on police dashboard and body cameras.

Police handcuff O'Neal in a yard after several gunshots were fired at him during a pursuit

‘We knew he didn’t have any drugs in his system,’ Michael Oppenheimer, a lawyer for O’Neal’s family, told Reuters. ‘We’re pleased for that.’

Unidentified police officers fired gunshots during the foot chase with O’Neal.

The autopsy repeated a police claim that an officer believed ‘the shots being fired were coming from O’Neal’.

That officer ‘fired his Glock 9mm handgun five times in an attempt to stop the threat,’ said the autopsy report.

Authorities released videos that captured the moments before and after police shot O’Neal, but not the shooting itself because a police officer’s body camera was not recording.

Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson has said that the officer had only received the body camera about a week earlier and may not have been proficient in using it.

Some community leaders have expressed doubts about the police account, saying they suspect the body camera was left off on purpose by the officer.

In this frame grab from a body cam provided by the Independent Police Review Authority, Chicago police officers fire into a stolen car driven by O'Neal on July 28, 2016

Footage captured by an officer's bodycam shows officers handcuffing the dying teen 

Officers fire several shots at the stolen car, which crashed into a police car up the block 

Footage from police dashboard and body cameras showed a chaotic sequence of events as officers pursued the stolen Jaguar and O’Neal on foot.

Officers fired several gunshots at the car as it sideswiped a police car and blew a stop sign before crashing into a police SUV up the street.

O’Neal exited the car and ran into a backyard, where he was shot.

Video shows police handcuffing the mortally wounded O’Neal.

No firearms were found on the teen.

Chicago police at the scene where the stolen Jaguar crashed head-on with a police vehicle

Three Chicago police officers have been stripped of their law enforcement authority, a more severe step than a mere suspension, for their roles in the shooting.

Their names have not been revealed.

Race relations in the US were under immense strain when O’Neal was killed, and his death sparked protests in the streets.

His death came just weeks after the police shooting deaths of two black men in Louisiana and Minnesota and the killings five Dallas police officers, who were working at a Black Lives Matter protest.

The Chicago Police Department is currently facing a federal probe of allegations of racism and abuse against minorities.

Protests rocked the city last year after dashboard video showed another black 17-year-old teenager being shot by a white cop as he jogged away from police officers during an October 2014 encounter.

Source: The DailyMail

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