Reviewing the Biggest Bust in Every NFL Team’s Draft History

BY KRISTOPHER KNOX | Bleacher Report

The 2018 NFL draft is nearly upon us, and fans are already excited about the new pieces their favorite teams could be bringing aboard, particular the guys who will be selected on the first two days of the draft—which kicks off Thursday, April 26.

Players taken in the first three rounds are widely expected to be early contributors. Those taken in Rounds 1 and 2 are expected to be impact players almost immediately. Therefore, teams with multiple picks in these rounds, like the Cleveland Browns and Buffalo Bills, should be generating even more buzz.

Here’s the problem, though: For all the promise these early draft picks bring, they’re still a mystery. Potential doesn’t always equal results, and many of these supposed blue-chip prospects are going to disappoint. Some are even going to be downright disappointments—and there’s plenty of history to back this up.

We’re going to revisit that history here as we explore the biggest draft bust for every franchise and examine exactly what made them such major disappointments. Factors like playing career, draft status and strength of draft class will be considered.

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