Road rage victim shot in head is released from hospital

The victim of a road rage shooting in Houston rush-hour traffic has been released after the hospital just a few days after being shot in the head by an angry driver who honked at her.

Authorities say church singer Kay Hafford, 28, is home recovering from the gunshot that left bullet fragments in the base of her brain on Friday morning.

Meanwhile, police are still hunting for the cold-blooded gunman who pulled up along side of her and fired a shot through her window on Interstate 45 North Freeway.

According to officials, the victim, identified as Kay Hafford, was heading south and was trying to get on the freeway when she honked at a passing SUV and had an angry exchange with the driver, who then began taunting her.

A short time later, the unnamed motorist pulled up beside her, aimed a gun at the front passenger window of her red Dodge Avenge and pulled the trigger, reported Click2Houston.

Hafford suffered a gunshot wound to the back of the head but was able to pull over and dial 911.

It took responding constables about 15 minutes to track down the woman’s car and get her medical help, reported KHOU.

Paramedics who responded to the scene rushed her to Memorial Hermann Texas Trauma Institute, where she is currently listed in fair condition.

The 28-year-old woman is said to have bullet fragments in the bottom right side of her brain.

Constables are now searching for the man who fired the shot. He was last seen driving a white SUV and wearing a blue baseball cap, based on a description provided by Hafford.

They will be reviewing footage from surveillance cameras along the freeway in hopes of finding clues that would lead them to the suspect, reported KTRK.

Kay Hafford, nee Kelley, works as a singer at a Houston-area church. Her husband of nearly two years, Kendrick Hafford, is also a musician, according to her Facebook page.

When he arrived at the hospital to visit is wife, Mr Hafford described her survival as a ‘miracle.’ When asked by reporters what he would like to say to the man who shot Kay, the husband replied: ‘May God deal with you.’

Source: The DailyMail

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