San Francisco 49ers: Reuben Foster’s accuser admits to lying about abuse


by Isaac Gutierrez | Golden Gate Sports

The San Francisco 49ers’ linebacker Reuben Foster had recently been accused of domestic violence, making his future with the team uncertain. Today, his accuser admits to lying about the incident. How does this effect the team going forward, especially in tomorrow’s NFL Draft?

The San Francisco 49ers can let out a sigh of relief today. The woman who accused 49ers linebacker, Reuben Foster, of domestic violence has admitted to have lied about the allegations.

Apparently the injuries the woman suffered were in fact caused by an altercation she had with a different woman, and not at all to due with Foster.

The woman who accused Foster’s lawyer told the Sacramento Bee, “(Foster) did not strike her, injure her or threaten her.” Apparently Foster threatened to end his relationship with the woman after finding out about the altercation with the other individual.

The allegations against Foster were done as a direct retaliation for this.

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