Scandal at private school attended by Barry Bonds’ daughter, white students in racist video

A racism row has engulfed a $37,000-a-year Los Angeles private school after Barry Bonds slammed white students who appeared in a racist video.

The former slugger was disappointed after footage emerged of youngsters at Brentwood School in Los Angeles, where his daughter Aisha is a junior, using the n-word while rapping to a famous song.

The short clip shows several young white teenagers singing along to A$AP Ferg’s, ‘Dump Dump’, which features the lyric, ‘I f***** your bitch, n****.’

Barry Bonds has slammed white students at his daughter Aisha's elite, $37,000-a-year private school after a video surfaced of a group rapping the n-word to a video 

Bonds, who is now hitting coach for the Miami Marlins, saw the video and was upset.

He tweeted: ‘I am sad that i had to see this at my daughters school. #Racism #Fixit #Suspension.’

A petition on was also started and has since received more than 500 signatures.

It reads: ‘The recent events at Brentwood have prompted response from many, but the dramatic polarization of the student body and the faculty illustrates that this problem is bigger than Brentwood.

‘I don’t think that singing along to a song is inherently racist, but the act of posting it to the internet shows the hypocrisy of the school itself.

‘We preach diversity and progressive thought, but our actions show the complete opposite. As a black kid at Brentwood my experience is completely different than that of the majority.

‘I can’t say I ever felt comfortable at Brentwood, but I can say that friends that I could relate to eased the experience.’

The school is believed to have sent an email to the student body insisting they will take action.


In a statement to the Los Angeles Times, the school described the lyrics as ‘offensive and inconsistent with our core values.

‘We are investigating this insensitive behavior, will address the situation directly, and will respond seriously.’

A message posted on their website added: ‘Brentwood School is dealing with the impact of a video showing several students at a non-school party, singing lyrics that are offensive and inconsistent with our core values. We are investigating this insensitive behavior, will address the situation directly, and will respond seriously.

‘In addition, we will do more. We will reflect on our response as a school administration and identify what Brentwood School can do better in the future to help all of our students understand the harm that this type of conduct causes to themselves, to others, and to the community.

‘This situation underscores the fact that nurturing a climate of mutual respect and inclusion at Brentwood is an on-going process.

‘We will use this as an opportunity to further authentic dialogue about diversity and what it means to each individual member of our school. Ultimately, this will further strengthen us as a community.’

In a description on the same site, they say: ‘In its relatively short history, Brentwood School has grown to be one of the premier independent day schools in Southern California.’

The prestigious school, based on two campuses in Los Angeles, has almost 1,000 students ranging from Kindergarten to Twelfth Grade with a faculty of just over 130.

Bonds’ ex-wife, Elizabeth, also signed the petition and posted it on Twitter.

She wrote on the petition page: ‘Is this what $40k worth of private education gets you? I am extremely embarrassed that my daughter is a current junior at this school and has been here since kindergarten. I can’t even speak. I blame the parents of these children.’

Source: The DailyMail

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