Shocking video of high school teen boy repeatedly punching girl before teacher steps in

Video has emerged taken inside a high school showing a male student facing off with a female – and then repeatedly punching the girl.

The footage, taken inside an undisclosed American school, shows the female student apparently aggravating the male by ‘invading his space’, according to the online caption.

The boy then appears to snap, and a fight breaks out between the two.

The girl is quickly thrown against the wall and pummeled.

The video appeared on Live Leak on Thursday and quickly spread on social media.

Despite taking numerous hits against the wall, the girl doesn’t appear to be badly injured.

When a teacher steps in to separate the two, she bounces back and tries to go after the guy.

At one point during the video, someone appears to call out to the boy, referring to him as ‘Landon’.

Much debate was brewing in the comments section of the video as to who was to blame for the fight.

One comment read: ‘There’s men beating on women and there’s men fighting women. This was a fight.’

It is unclear what school the video was shot in.

Source: The DailyMail

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