Donald Trump Keeps Finding Groups of Thirsty, Shameless and Silly Church Negroes

Damon Young | Very Smart Brothas

If I am ever lucky enough to meet God, of the myriad questions I plan to ask Him (most, btw, involve lactose intolerance), one of the more pressing will be: Where exactly is the bottomless pit containing the endless cadre of thirsty, feckless, shameless, stupid and silly niggas willing to meet with Donald Trump located? Is it somewhere obvious, like maybe Detroit or Milwaukee or the Calabasas? Or maybe, is the ceaseless pit of fuckshit that these niggas emerge from found in the middle of an oil field in Juneau, Alaska?


Whichever answer He gives me will not satisfy me, though. I will likely still suspect then, as I suspect now, that they’re all produced in a Bluetooth headset factory. And that they literally cannot function without proximity to whiteness and patriarchy and power. Like, you move them 25 feet away from them and they become more and more useless, like a Comcast remote separated from its modem.

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