Sports Chargers Column | Anthony Lynn shares his summer reading, looks toward second season as Chargers head coach


By Tom Krasovic | The San Diego Union-Tribune

“I am a reader,” Anthony Lynn said.

The coach of the Los Angeles Chargers was on the verge of a brief vacation last month and so was asked what he might read before the start of training camp, which is Saturday.

“One book I’m going to read for sure is Mr. Alex Spanos’ book,” Lynn said.

Titled “Sharing the Wealth: My Story” the Spanos autobiography begins with a foreword from conservative political commentator Rush Limbaugh.

The book touts “how a $40-a-week-baker in California’s Central Valley became a multimillionaire owner of a Super Bowl NFL team and an unprecedented philanthropist.”

Lynn received an autographed copy from the team’s control owner and chairman, Dean Spanos, and also watched a video featuring Alex Spanos.

The elder Spanos, 94 and stricken with dementia, is no longer running the team, but as San Diegans well know, his football company is still a Spanos operation.

Dean has overseen the club since taking on his father’s duties in 1994. Sons John and A.G. head the football and biz operations, respectively.

Michael Spanos II, a son of a Dean’s sibling who’s the team vice chairman, works for club General Manager Tom Telesco.

The firm is truly the Spanos Chargers.

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