Student reveals that grades, life ruined after affair with Spanish teacher

A teenager from Texas says having an affair with his high school teacher has ruined his life.

Joshua Whittingham, from Houston, is now 20 and says he wants to stop other students from making the same mistake.

Whittingham had an affair with Lindsey Garcia-Yazdi, 33, who taught Spanish at Hastings High School.

He says the whole escapade began after she sent him a message on Facebook.

‘It was really just friendly talk but as far as talk goes, it wasn’t school-related. It was more like personal life, her personal life, about her husband, her house and photography and my personal life as far as swimming and staying active in swimming,’ he told News 2.

He says that having the affair with his teacher ruined his social skills and his academic performance in classes also suffered.

‘Before I met her, I was outgoing and social. I was on the swim team my 9th-grade year after playing football, then I started having an affair with my teacher and that’s when I started failing geometry. I stopped attending classes. I stopped showing up to practice.’

It was teacher, Garcia-Yazdi, who  made the first physical move.

After some time sending one another Facebook messages, the pair finally got together over the Christmas holidays when she picked him up from his house.

‘She took it a step further by sending me a message on Facebook which I never expected. She picked me up and we were at a local park and we were talking. From there we got physical in a sexual manner,’ Whittingham said.

He says that as the affair began, his grades at school began to fall.

‘I couldn’t even tell my own mother. We were really close. Nobody got to know this,’ he said. ‘I kind of had to end swimming.’

Garcia-Yazdi was charged with having an improper relationship with a student.

She avoided jail time, but will have to register as a sex offender for the rest of her life.

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