Study: Hiring discrimination against African-Americans has not changed since 1989

Monica Torres | The Ladders

When you send out a job application, getting a callback may, unfortunately, depend more on who you are than what you can do. Racism in hiring continues to persist, a new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences finds. The new meta-analysis of all available field experiments related to racial hiring discrimination found a sobering fact across decades: that hiring discrimination has not declined against African Americans in 25 years.

“Since 1989, whites receive on average 36% more callbacks than African Americans, and 24% more callbacks than Latinos,” the researchers from Northwestern University, Harvard, and the Institute for Social Research in Norway concluded. “We observe no change in the level of hiring discrimination against African Americans over the past 25 years, although we find modest evidence of a decline in discrimination against Latinos.”

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