Super religious former football star locked son in blacked-out basement

A super-religious former football star kept his eldest son prisoner in the basement for two years because he had ‘sinned’ by stealing a DVD player, the MailOnline can reveal.

Strict Recardo Wimbush Sr, 33, and wife Therian Cornelia Wimbush, 37, locked up 13-year-old Recardo Jr as punishment for his ‘wicked’ act to keep him on the ‘straight and narrow’.

The child was kept in a tiny, sparsely furnished room with all the windows blacked out.

The parents were so angry with the boy’s actions that he was banned from having any contact with his nine younger siblings and wasn’t allowed to read books or play with toys.

Gwinnett County police have now charged former Georgia Tech football star Wimbush and his wife with cruelty to children.

The couple – both devoted to an unusual religion which worships Yah – told investigators they had locked Recardo Jr in the basement for ‘disciplinary reasons,’ said Corporal Jake Smith, spokesman for Gwinnett Police.

‘The victim had been confined to the room for most of the past two years and a lock had been added to the victim’s room in January 2013,’ Smith said.

‘The victim had no access to books, toys, entertainment devices, or his siblings.’

Social workers discovered the boy was being confined to a small room that contained a bare box springs and mattress and ‘a large plastic jar, which was apparently used as a toilet,’ Smith said.

The Buford couple was charged with malicious and intentional cruelty to children and false imprisonment and must turn themselves in to authorities by the end of the day Friday.

The Wimbushes told a judge at a June 19 family court hearing that the 13-year-old was a threat to their other children.

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