Surprising Ways to Get Your Probiotics

Chances are you’ve heard the term probiotics and know that these good bacteria that live in your gut promote healthy digestion. Did you know that probiotics are also key to a healthy immune system and protein absorption?

While researchers are still unraveling exactly how these bacteria accomplish all that they do, it’s understood that probiotics help establish a healthy environment in your digestive tract, which is important considering 70 percent of your body’s immune system resides there. Another thing scientists have found is that probiotic benefits are strain-specific, which means it matters which probiotic is used in the products you buy. The more science reveals about them, the clearer it becomes that probiotics are something you want to consume on a daily basis. Now incorporating them into your diet has become easier than ever before.

For thousands of years, many cultures relied on fermented foods like yogurt, sauerkraut and kimchi to obtain probiotics. Then, pasteurization became popular and most of the bacteria in fermented food was killed – even the beneficial kind. Since then, people have relied on supplements to get probiotics, but today an increasing number of food and beverage companies are introducing everyday offerings that include the healthy bacteria and can easily be added to daily routines.

The secret to these new probiotic foods and beverages is a unique probiotic strain called GanedenBC30, which is one of the only strains that can withstand extreme heat and cold, plus survive extended periods on grocery store shelves, with science and research backing its benefits. This means that you can now get your probiotics from many of your favorite foods and drinks without taking pills.

The next time you’re at the grocery store, take a closer look and you’ll find more than 500 foods and beverages on the shelves with this strain in a variety of surprising categories that your entire family will love. Here are a few unique ways to get those good bacteria:

Baking Products

Finished products often have health benefits, but probiotics can now be found in the ingredients used for baking, as well. From sugar and buttery spreads to baking mixes themselves, a variety of probiotic options can easily be added to your next baking project.


Whether you prefer tea and coffee or juices and waters, there are probiotic options on the shelves for cold and hot beverage drinkers alike. Look for well-known brands like Suja or Bigelow that are leading the way in innovative probiotic products.

Frozen Foods

In the past, frozen products weren’t a well-known option for probiotics, but these days you can find healthy bacteria added to a variety of items, including breakfast burritos, popsicles and even ice cream.


Now, you can also get digestive and immune benefits in a delicious treat. Probiotics are taking over the snacking category, and companies have found ways to add them to options including chocolate, granola, trail mix, nut butters, kale chips, cookies and even Mariani fruit snacks.

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