Suspected drug dealer busted for selling ‘Ebola’ brand heroin

A suspected New Jersey drug dealer was apparently hoping to capitalize on the ongoing Ebola outbreak when he named his product after the deadly virus.

Barnabas Davis, 47, who goes by the moniker ‘Hammer,’ was arrested Monday for allegedly being in possession of 633 wax fold of heroin labeled ‘Ebola.’

Ralph Stocco, of the Toms River Police Department, clarified that the drugs did not actually contain the pathogen responsible for some 4,500 deaths, but rather the name was part of Davis’ marketing strategy.

‘Different dealers have different potencies and products. Many times they are labeled with catchy phrases,’ Stocco told the New York Daily News. ‘In the past we have had Bin Laden, Hello Kitty, D.O.A., Twin Towers, 911, gumball, pow, etc.’
The 47-year-old suspect has been charged with possession of heroin and crack cocaine, and possession with intent to distribute

Mr Davis is currently being held in jail on $300,000 bail.

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