Teacher bullied, intimidated by male student who threatens beating her with chair

Frightening footage has emerged of a group of U.S. high school students subjecting a despondent teacher to a barrage of abuse and intimidation inside the classroom.

In the short clip, an out-of-control student can been seen throwing things at her, telling her to ‘sit your a** down’ and threatening her with a chair.

While he continues to provoke the teacher, others in the room laugh and encourage him.

Having lost control of the classroom, the teacher can do little to stop them – but remains calm in the face of their terrifying behavior.

It appears as though the footage was filmed on a cellphone by one of the students present.

The video shows one student repeatedly trying to make his way towards the teacher, who is sitting at her desk, as his friends hold him back.

He can be heard saying: ‘What I say something I mean it. Now ask me what my name is again.’

Seconds later, he picks up a chair and desk and holds it above her head in a threatening manner – before later joking he is going to ‘smack her a** with a whole bag of M&Ms’.

Although little effort is made to stop the student, she does offer some calm protestations.

When he throws several unknown objects towards her, she asks him to get rid of ‘whatever you’re throwing’.

At one stage, she also turns to the student filming the incident, stating: ‘Young lady I’m going to have to ask you to have a seat.’

It is not clear at what school the incident occurred.

Source: The DailyMail

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