Teddy Bridgewater happy to be a Saint

Mike Florio | NBC Sports

There was a theory in league circles before the trade that sent quarterback Teddy Bridgewater from the Jets to the Saints that Bridgewater wasn’t interested in trading his status as potential backup with one team for a role of definite backup with another. Given that he’s landing in a great situation to be a backup, he’s OK with that development.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Bridgewater “loves” the move, even though it means he won’t be playing absent an injury to future Hall of Famer Drew Brees. The upside comes from the chance to learn and to develop in a system designed by Sean Payton and executed by Brees.

With enough tape from three preseason games to show that Bridgewater’s knee has healed, he’ll likely find greater interest on the open market in 2019 — especially with far fewer free agents to compete with. And who knows? Maybe Brees calls it quits after the coming season and Bridgewater gets a chance to take over in New Orleans.

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