Teen accidentally shoots himself dead while chatting with a friend on FaceTime

A teenage boy is believed to have fatally shot himself while chatting with a friend on FaceTime, the day before his 16th birthday

Blake Hannett, 15, from Lynwood, Illinois, died after the weapon went off and the screen on his phone went blank on Thursday, police have said.

Officers found the teenager at his desk with a .38 caliber handgun on the floor under his chair.

According to ABC 7, Blake’s family said his death was an accident.

They claim the teen had searched his house for the gun after he had heard a noise, fearing it was an intruder.

He was apparently more concerned than usual because a suspicious person had been in the neighborhood in the last few days.

Hundreds of students have paid tribute to the Marian Catholic High School student who was a member of the marching band.

A memorial was held at the school and memorial covered in flowers was placed in the middle of the school hall.

Marian Catholic High School Principal Steve Tortorello told the station: ‘He was a wonderful kid, a top-notch kid, the kind of kid that really represented our school and we’re just terribly hurt by his loss.

‘Blake was a solid student who always brought life to the classroom. He’s the kind of kid that you knew was in class that day because he was a bright and friendly kid.’

Marian Catholic Band Director Greg Bimm paid tribute to Blake saying: ‘There are leaders who just change the spirit, he was one of the guys. His smile changed us all.’

Police have said the investigation is still ongoing.

It is unknown whether the friend he was speaking to at the time witnessed his death.

A friend Jon Michalski wrote on Facebook: Blake was the best friend anyone could ask for, you couldn’t ask for any one better. He always knew how to put a smile on mine and everybody else’s face no matter what.

‘He was that one person who could get along with anyone. And if you’ve read any of the news posts you would read about how he has a contagious priceless smile, this is so true.’

Source: The DailyMail

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