Teen collapses, dies after doing wind sprints for being late for football practice

A 16-year-old football player from Staten Island has died after collapsing on the field during practice after his coach ordered him to runs sprints.

Miles Kirkland-Thomas was at the start of his junior year when the coach order him to run wind sprints for showing up late to practice for the Curtis High School varsity football team.

Father Jamar Thomas, 44, told the Daily News that the coaching staff told him the boy was stopped after just two sprints.

Miles collapsed at 10:30 a.m. while talking to a coach.
‘The coach said he was talking to him; he said Miles took a step back,” Thomas told the Daily News. ‘He said Miles fainted toward him; he went to grab him — they both hit the ground.’

The teen was in cardiac arrest when medics arrived.

He died at Staten Island University Medical Center.

The death is being investigated by the state Department of Education.

It’s possible he was already winded up arriving at practice because he ran up a steep hill to the school while trying to make practice on time.

There was no bus for him because it was Labor Day.

He had passed a physical to play in July, and his parents said they did not know of any preexisting conditions.

‘He took his physical in July and he was fine,’ Thomas told reporters. ‘He was cleared to play — all he had was a blister on the back of his foot he got from his cleats.’

An autopsy was being done Monday.

‘I want to know what my son’s last — what was the last thing he was experiencing prior to this,’ Thomas said. ‘We don’t know what happened. Nobody can tell us.’

Miles had always dreamed of playing football, especially at the college and pro levels.

He came from a football family with an uncle, Clarence McNatt, who had played for the Detroit Lions and an older brother at Bacone College.

Sister Lashawnder Kirkland, 37, said they were ‘a big sports family.’

‘Football was his life,’ she said. ‘He loved football — that’s the way he was.’

Miles had hoped to head West if he got a footballs scholarship.

More at the DailyMail Online.

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