Teen killed trying to defend his twin brother in robbery ambush

Three days shy of his sixteenth birthday, a Chicago teen was shot and killed Saturday when he tried to save his twin brother after four robbers ambushed the boy demanding his coat.

‘Get off my brother!,’ Demario Bailey yelled as his twin brother Demacio struggle break free from one of the four assailants, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Demacio began to run, thinking his brother was behind him. He heard a shot go off and turned to find his twin brother lying on the ground with a gunshot wound to the chest.

The robbers ran away and Demario died moments later.

Carlos Johnson, 17, has been charged with first-degree murder in Demario’s slaying as well as charges for his involvement in two nearby robberies, according to the Tribune.

Known around town as the ‘Bailey boys,’ Demario and Demacio were headed to Demacio’s basketball practice around 12.40pm  that fateful afternoon and were walking under a viaduct when Johnson and three other boys approached them, FOX 32 News reports.

The robbers ordered the identical twins to ‘give it up’ as they searched the boy’s pockets. A struggle began and a fight ensued resulting in Johnson firing at the teen.

Demacio was with his brother when he died that day in broad daylight.

‘[Demacio] is traumatized, traumatized. Can you imagine you’re walking with your brother one minute and the next minute your brother is laying on the ground?’ Faliata Holman, Bailey’s cousin, told FOX.

As Demario’s body was taken away, his mother collapsed to the ground, inconsolable as four women struggled to get her to her feet, New York Daily News reports.

Bailey’s family as well as school officials and students from Johnson College Prep in Englewood, where the boys attended school, spoke highly of Demario who was an honor roll student.

Demario was not on the school’s basketball team with his identical twin brother, but Ceddrick Hunter, the school’s basketball coach, said that he was ‘basically a part of the team’ and described Demario as an ‘all-around good kid,’ according to the Tribune.

Ketica Guter, a history teacher at the school, told the tribune that Demario ‘truly embodied the motto, ‘I am my brother’s keeper.’

On Sunday night, community members, mainly mothers who knew the pain of losing a child to violence, took to the street near the viaduct where the teen was murdered.

The group held up signs that read ‘All Lives Matter’ as they chanted ‘peace up, guns down.’

Bernice Fitzpatrick, the twin’s grandmother, told the Tribune that the boy’s mother usually took them to and from where they needed to go, keeping a close watch on her sons. She said the boys began asking to go places on their own.

‘We promised them we would give them a little more freedom,’ Fitzpatrick said. ‘We let them go for one month. I don’t know what we’re supposed to do now.’

Source: The DailyMail

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