Teenage mother arrested after being found walking the streets clutching dead daughter’s body

Teenage Mother, btbA woman has been arrested after she was discovered wandering the city of Atlanta while holding her dead baby.

Alexis Washington was spotted by two women at around 2.30am on Tuesday crying as she crossed a bridge, telling them her two-year-old daughter felt cold.

Emergency personnel soon arrived and the toddler was later pronounced dead.

NBC 11 reports that Washington, 19, was travelling to New Orleans from Greenville, South Carolina when she missed her connecting bus in Atlanta.

She began to walk through the city and was eventually brought back to the Greyhound station by a police officer.

Shortly after she arrived back at the station she noticed that her daughter was unresponsive, and attempted to perform CPR.

She then decided to walk to a hospital instead of calling 911, despite the fact that she was unfamiliar with the area.

Soon after that is when the two women found her and called emergency personnel.

The child was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital and Washington has now been charged with reckless conduct and cruelty to children in the second degree.

It was also noted that the North Carolina Department of Social Services had an open case on the family.

Source: The DailyMail

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