Teenager shot an dead off-duty paramedic after pulling up beside him at stop sign

Two teens are in court accused of killing an off-duty paramedic after they pulled up next to him at a stop sign.

Quinn Boyer had been returning home from dropping off his father in California’s Oakland Hills when a car full of teenagers stopped beside him, a court heard.

Prosecutors say Christian Burton, who was just 16 at the time, got out the car and shot the 34-year-old victim in the head in a suspected car-jacking.

Mr Boyer’s car then went off the road and fell into a ravine below

A second teenager, David McNeal, 17, is accused of using the same gun to shoot a 13-year-old boy during a robbery the following day.

Burton, now 18, and McNeal were part of a group of six teenagers who skipped school to embark on a two-day crime spree, the court heard.

Three of whom have pleaded guilty in juvenile court and are serving time.The fourth pleaded no contest and was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Burton’s attorney Ernie Castillo insists his client – who is being tried as an adult- did not kill Mr Boyer.

‘We do believe that someone else was the shooter and I believe the evidence will be convincing and overwhelming in that area,’ he said.

McNeal’s attorney, David Bryden, added: ‘There is a lack of evidence that Mr McNeal, my client participated actively in the crime against Mr Boyer.’

The court heard that one of the pair also shot and wounded a boy who is expected to testify against them.

His mother Tomiko McCoy told ABC News that the teen had shot her son after finding he had nothing worth stealing.

He didn’t have anything valuable to give them and then they proceeded to say ‘Well, he doesn’t have anything let’s go ahead and shoot him,’ and they did a countdown and shot my son,’ she said.

Emotional family and friends of the paramedic were in court for the trial of the alleged killers.

Mr Boyer’s father Roger held back tears as he said: ‘I lost all my joy when I lost Quinn.’

The victim’s devastated widow Elizabeth Huerta Boyer told ABC News after the hearing: ‘There’s six kids who’ve effectively given up their shot at a happy, healthy, productive life experience.’

‘It’s like not having a limb, and it’s a nightmare. It’s a literal nightmare,’ she told San Jose Mercury News.

The trial continues.

Source: The DailyMail

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