Texas police officer who killed unarmed black teen is fired for “poor judgement”

The Texas police officer who shot dead an unarmed college football player during a suspected burglary at a car dealership has been fired.

Brad Miller had his employment terminated by the town’s chief of police, who criticized his ‘poor judgment’ when he killed Christian Taylor in Arlington, Texas, on Friday

The white 49-year-old officer should not have approached the black 19-year-old alone, Arlington police chief Will Johnson told reporters at a news conference.

Miller joined the police department in September and graduated from the city police academy earlier this year. Police said he cannot appeal his firing because he was a probationary employee.

Miller could now face criminal charges over the killing, if a grand jury decides to indict him.

Johnson said Miller pursued Taylor through the broken glass doors of the Classic Buick GMC dealership without telling his supervising officer.

Miller then shot the teenager, but there was no physical contact before he was shot, said Johnson.

Miller’s field training officer, who had followed Miller into the showroom, drew his own Taser. He heard a single pop of what he thought was Miller’s Taser, but Miller had fired his service weapon at Taylor.

After Taylor continued to approach, Miller fired his gun three more times.

Johnson added: ‘Based on a preponderance of evidence available to me and facts revealed by the investigative team, I have decided to terminate Officer Miller’s employment with the Arlington Police Department for exercising poor judgment.

‘This is an extraordinarily difficult case. Decisions were made that have catastrophic outcomes.’

Taylor’s death came two days before the anniversary of the death of Michael Brown, an unarmed, black 18-year-old who was shot by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri.

Taylor was a graduate of an Arlington high school and a football player at Angelo State University in West Texas.

Last year Taylor posted on Twitter: ‘I don’t wanna die too younggggg.’ He had spoken out on social media about the Black Lives Matter movement.

There is no video of the shooting itself, though security camera footage from the dealership’s parking lots shows Taylor walking around and damaging some vehicles.

Police on Tuesday released audio of a 911 call made by the company manning the exterior cameras. The caller says a ‘thin black man with a blond Mohawk” was jumping on the windshield of a gray Ford Mustang.

Source: The DailyMail

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