The 15 Best Black-Owned Beauty Brands I’ll Never Stop Talking About


The world of beauty is vast. You’d think with the countless products that make up the massive market, everyone would feel represented. Unfortunately, that hasn’t always been the case—for decades, deeper skin tones were downright ignored, and walking through the beauty aisle was an isolating experience. Barely any products were created with dark skin tones in mind. And no, I’m not accounting for the one “deep” foundation shade brands mistakenly thought was enough.

Thankfully, progress has been made, and more and more products are being created for people of color, by people of color. Black-owned beauty brands aren’t asking for a seat at the table, they’re making one.

What I love most about supporting F.U.B.U (“for us, by us,” which happens to be the name of one of my all-time favorite songs by Solange) brands is that their intentions are always pure: serving the underserved. In a world where being “diverse” and “inclusive” has become a marketing tactic to benefit from the black dollar, it feels right to support brands who’ve serviced our community from the beginning. To give them the recognition they deserve. Here, 15 black-owned skincare, haircare, and makeup brands I’ll never stop rooting for.

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