The odds of a Lebron homecoming

Swallow your anger, Miami Heat fans and the media that cover them. Get past your defiant skepticism, former NBA players howling no man in his right mind would leave the warm embrace of South Beach for the gray, fly-over reality of Cleveland.

Believe it, America.

LeBron James could end up back in a Cleveland Cavaliers jersey, perhaps as early as this summer.

On Tuesday night, in the one postseason spot Cleveland has learned to dominate, the Cavaliers again landed the No. 1 overall draft pick. It was a stunning moment, with all the possibilities seeming to unwind in the shocked eyes of new Cavs general manager David Griffin as its implications began to register.

This is a draft so deep and so full of Hall of Fame talent (and, yes, surely, get-yourself-fired busts) that a mere top-seven selection is seen as a great commodity. So that coveted No. 1 spot, where you get to choose between Joel Embiid, Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker? A gold mine, and for Cleveland one that reopens the possibility of the Chosen One doing what so many thought impossible three years ago and choosing to return.

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