‘The pain I feel, it’s unbearable’ – Freddie Gray’s family describes heartbreaking anguish

Eddie Gray’s close family members have revealed his death while in police custody has left them in ‘unbearable’ pain, but they insist protests in his name should be carried out peacefully.

His mother, stepfather and twin sister have revealed how they are struggling to sleep at night after 25-year-old Gray died from spinal injuries after being arrested in Baltimore on April 12.

Prosecutors have since laid charges against six police officers involved in his arrest and say the officers handcuffed Gray’s hands behind his back and shackled his legs but did not secure him with a seatbelt while the police van was moving – a violation of police department policy.

Now in an exclusive interview with NBC News‘ Lester Holt, his mother Gloria Darden broke down in tears as she described how she would never be the same in the wake of his death.

His twin sister, Fredricka Gray, said: ‘For me to lose my twin I can’t sleep some nights. I cry, I really miss him – the pain I feel, it’s unbearable.’

Although they condemned the violence which broke out in Baltimore in the wake of his death, they hoped it could bring about change and they believed Gray would have wanted similar if he was still alive.

Richard Shipley, his stepfather, said: ‘I was so hurt and ashamed that [the protesters] would apparently attempt to use it in the name of Freddie.

‘Even though it was a tragic situation we must protest and raise our voices in a peaceful manner.’

Gray’s death led to five nights of turmoil across the city, during which authorities imposed a 10pm – 5am curfew in a bid to quell violent protests.

More than 200 businesses were destroyed during the unrest at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars, while locals clashed with riot control police on the streets after dark.

The National Guard was brought into the city to help maintain order, until the six police officers were charged and gatherings became more peaceful.

The night time curfew was lifted two days ago in response.

Early Monday, there were no reports of confrontations between protesters and police as there had been on previous nights.

Police said officers will continue to deploy to ‘areas of concern’ and monitor protest activity.

More recent protests have been mostly peaceful and even somewhat celebratory in tone since Friday’s announcement of charges against six officers involved in Gray’s arrest.

Police said Sunday they had arrested 486 people since the unrest began, including 46 people on the final night of the curfew.

Six police officers were charged with crimes ranging from misconduct in office to second-degree murder over Gray’s death, which prosecutors say was a direct result of police negligence and indifference to the young man’s suffering.

Officer Caesar R Goodson Jr, who was driving the van, was hit with the murder charge as well as three variants of manslaughter.

Three other officers were charged with manslaughter, while the remaining two stand accused of lesser offences. All six have posted bail, which reportedly ranged from $250,000 to $350,000.

Marilyn Mosby, the State’s Attorney for Baltimore, laid her indictment against the officers in a fiery press conference Thursday.

She said the officers had no good reason to arrest Gray, and that his fatal neck injuries were a direct result of the way officers restrained him.

Source: The DailyMail

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